Posted by: tinausps | 10 January 2013

Lt/C Fred G. Roffe, SN

New Fred Roffe

Fred G. Roffe passed away on 29 December 2012. A graduate of Georgia Tech, he worked as an engineer for Grumman Aerospace in Bethpage, N.Y., for 35 years, and enjoyed spending summers in Hampton Bays. He and his wife Fran had two children.

In 1969, Fred joined the Neptune Power Squadron. He later became a member of the Peconic Bay Power Squadron, where he served as squadron education officer. His love for boats and for helping everyone learn about safety on the water was evident in the advanced classes he taught in piloting, navigation, marine electronics and cruise planning. Students particularly enjoyed his teaching aids, which included animated power point slides Fred created. He could explain complex concepts so anyone could understand them. For his expertise and dedication, Fred won the 2008 Charles F. Chapman Award for Excellence in Teaching. He was a life member and earned 32 merit marks.



  1. God Bless you Fred Roffe. You will always be a lighthouse to me. Fair winds and calm seas forever.

  2. A giant of a gentle man.

  3. I’m glad I had the privilege to be taught by, work with and know Fred (and his wife Fran). Fred was an intelligent, caring, plain ol’ good guy, the likes of which there are too few of these days. He will be remembered and he will be missed.

  4. Fred did it all and very well. He was active in his church, in his community he spearheaded the Village Beautification Program, In the Power Squadron he was the most effective Education Officer as well as a gifted teacher. Fred was a great cook and also had a knowledge of and appreciation of good wine. Fred was “all in” in everything he did. His 40 year old wooden Sport Fisherman True Love was a consistent winner at Mystic Seaport Shows. Fred’s computer skills were incredible. He got more out of Power Point than Microsoft put into it. His meticulously catalogued Photo Album (over 40 yrs)was put to good use in his classes and was great entertainment during his cruising lectures. In addition to all of these skills, Fred was patient, helpful,
    totally reliable, friendly and always interesting. I never had a brother, but if I could I would wish that he were Fred.

    With respect, affection and admiration,
    Joseph F. Martorano JN

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