Posted by: Amy | 23 February 2012

Ensign writer wins BWI award

A longtime contributor to The Ensign, Marlin Bree won a Merit Award in the 2011 Boating Writers International Writing Contest in the Boating Adventure Category during the 2012 Miami International Boat Show. This marks Bree’s sixth consecutive BWI award.

Bree was recognized for his story, “Ten Feet Across the Pacific,” which ran in the Spring 2011 issue of The Ensign and tells the story of a Minnesota schoolteacher who designed and built his own 10-foot plywood boat and sailed it from Long Beach, Calif., to Honolulu, Hawaii, and later completed the entire trans-Pacific crossing. It was a record-breaking sail, and Bree served as the information officer for the voyage.

Bree is also the only writer in BWI history to win the coveted BWI Grand Prize writing award twice, both for articles that appeared in The Ensign.

Bree is a marine journalist and the best-selling author of “Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures,” “Wake of the Green Storm: A Survivor’s Tale,” “Call of the North Wind: Voyages and Adventures on Lake Superior” and “In the Teeth of the Northeaster: A Solo Sail on Lake Superior.” He is a former newsman for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and a past president of the Minnesota Press Club and is profiled in “Who’s Who in America.”

You can read the story here (page 16).


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